Connecting People and Information

Connecting People and Information through the Veratics Engage ECM Platform

engage_overviewThink of any category of  information that you want to organize, manage, search, monitor, track, measure, or report. For example, information items in your category can be any digital content representing enterprise artifacts, personnel records, catalog items, reports, statistics, or any other electronic asset. Veratics offers, EngageTM,  a platform for innovative engagement that  enables us to rapidly configure information management systems for our customers.  Engage eloquently integrates and combines Intelligent Information Management, also known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Shared Services Experience Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Customer Experience (CX) Management, Social Media Management, Human Resources Management, Learning Content Management, and e-Commerce into a single extensible, scalable, and highly configurable platform. This revolutionary approach to ECM connects people and ideas to content efficiently and seamlessly across the enterprise. Engaging employees, Engaging Customers through fluid content delivery and access.

By beginning with the end user in mind and seeing the world through their point of view, Engage links products, people, and ideas together. From our observation of common pain points, Veratics developed a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution to stitch enterprise resources and people together fluidly across  disconnected “stove-pipe” systems, while maintaining security and multi-authority permissions through a single sign-on access point.

The Engage platform connects separate applications and databases while enabling secure publishing channels both internal and external to the organization.

Pulling it all Together with Veratics Engage

engage_messytotidyVeratics is focused on delivering enterprise management solutions to commercial and government organizations. From our perspective of repairing software defects and developing new targeted software solutions for the Department of Veterans Affairs and other large enterprises, we realized that information sprawl, data disorganization, and information retrieval issues drain enterprise resources and reduce engagement among employees and customers. The sprawl is likely caused due to systems developed over time with no requirement to cross-integrate or intelligently organize the systems. The result is similar to a family moving into a new home where the garage is the repository of all things during the move. If the garage is never sorted or organized, then the ability to find and use items becomes difficult and laborious leading to fatigue and frustration. An unintended consequence of trying to solve data sprawl can lead to further data sprawl and costs associated with more disconnected applications.



Engage is the anhomeser-pic5swer to data sprawl and increased customer and employee engagement by providing a “System of Systems” CMS platform that links applications, data, social interaction, and processes in a way that is extensible, scalable, dynamic, and secure with minimal custom coding. Defining interdependencies, application and data redundancies, and the three roles of Content Creator, Configurator and Consumer can provide a solution that creates maximum engagement to everyone.

Our approach is non-invasive  because the Veratics Engage platform provides middleware capability to seamlessly integrate with existing CRM and ERP systems, providing the hub that connects all your data points.