Veratics Quality Assurance

The Veratics Team, drawing on Agile / Project Management Institute (PMI) experiences, is able to assess designated processes and produce recommendations to tailor and refine the proposed processes at both the Business and IT levels, after meeting with SeaPort-e agency stakeholders and consulting all applying stipulations. The Team will identify applicable standards and procedures, will consult any applicable Federal guidelines, will review the designated processes, and will make recommendations about their improvement to the Navy / Marine Corps senior management team.

At the organizational level, the Team is able to propose a configuration / modification / enhancement to the process to be used agency-wide. It will take into consideration issues such as the applications and business domains, and core technologies mastered by the Agency, as well as federal mandates and stipulations (e.g. security, disaster recovery, continuity of operations, reporting and reviewing, etc.). At theproject level, if needed, the Team will propose configuration of a common process to be used by specific SeaPort-e projects. Such tailoring will take into consideration the size of the projects, the reuse of Navy /Marine Corps assets, the type of development lifecycle as well all other applicable environmental, organizalional, or infrastructure aspects.

NAICS and PSC Codes

541330 Engineering Services
541511 Custom computer-programming services
541512 Computer system design services
541519 Other computer related services
541611 General management consulting
541618 Other management consulting services
541690 Other scientific and technical services
AJ24 R&D, General scientific and technology
D308 IT and Telecom – Programming

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