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The Veratics ENGAGE OverwatchTM platform offers several Social Media Management packages supporting commercial and government enterprises. Using keywords, phrases, and geo location tagged data we are able to monitor and track text mentions, images and videos organizing and prioritizing reactions and sentiment surrounding a myriad of topics. Automated sentiment analysis of social media posts is a powerful tool organizations can use as active feedback to protect their brand and to head off public complaints and other threats “negative sentiment” that can damage or irreparably harm the organization’s or individual’s reputation.

The ENGAGE Overwatch platform senses and tracks the public’s and individual’s sentiment over time, providing valuable insight to organizations who want to ensure their brand is trending positively. In addition, our platform provides threat detection capabilities for schools and organizations to keep at-risk individuals from many types of harm including cyber-bullying, self-induced harm, and promoting harm toward others. Our advanced automated threat detection capability reviews social media networks every second of every day, highlighting and forwarding near perfect actionable reports that lead to personal and organizational protection.

We provide the following use cases supporting brand management, school threat monitoring, and suicide prevention monitoring.


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Our flexible, Robust Engage Overwatch solution bridges superior Social Media Monitoring, Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Data reporting to keep at-risk kids safe from cyberbullying, self-harm, depression, and outward threats.  Read More.


Combining advanced analytics with social media monitoring and trained professionals, our Engage Overwatch service is able to rapidly identify Veterans and family members who are reaching out for help. Read More.

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Our Social Media Monitoring Service can identify destructive behaviors, negative sentiment, and other risk factors that can cause damage to military personnel, family, or military bases. Our Services can respond to those in need of help, fast. Read More.


Social Media Management Made Easy. Veratics Engage Social Intelligence Platform increases an organization’s reach, improves sales, better engages customers, monitors employees, and improves their overall image and customer’s perception. Read More.

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