Intelligent Information Management

Connecting People and Information through the Veratics ENGAGE 

Intelligent Information Management, ECM Content Service

Think of any category of  information that you want to organize, manage, search, monitor, track, measure, or report. For example, information items can be any digital content representing documents, personnel records, catalog items, reports, statistics, or any other electronic asset. A single platform capable of seamlessly managing your online eCommerce sales, customer self-service portal, omni-channel customer engagements, service follow-through, and many tailored solutions that connect you to your customers. ENGAGE Content Services – goes beyond traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems transitioning from a one size fits all approach to Content Management Systems (CMS) to focusing on specific needs of the organization – delivering precise fluid information that is easy to share, create, update, and search across departments, with a focus on the customer’s and employee’s point of view.Intelligent Information Management

Veratics ENGAGE TM is an agnostic platform supporting the best Content Services Experience, connecting people to information, flawlessly. ENGAGE is designed to drive increased sales and process efficiency adapting to any Content Management System (CMS) or business workflow.  ENGAGE eloquently integrates and combines Content Services (i.e., ECM), Human Resources Automation, Learning Management System, eCommerce, Correspondence Management, Cellphone Survey and Text Messaging System, Social Media Management, Social Media Monitoring, Document Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience (CX) Management into a single extensible and scalable platform. This revolutionary approach to Content Services connects people and ideas to content efficiently and seamlessly across the enterprise. Engaging employees, Engaging Customers and Employees through fluid content delivery and access. Our e-Commerce Store-within-a-Store provides tremendous flexibility to Enterprises that need to sell or share services, support unlimited vendors, and enhance the customer experience through transactional efficiency that makes it easy to buy products and services.

By beginning with the end user-customer in mind and seeing the world through their point of view, ENGAGE links products, people, and ideas together. From our observation of common pain points, Veratics developed a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution to stitch enterprise resources and people together fluidly across  disconnected “stove-pipe” systems, while maintaining security and multi-authority permissions through a single sign-on access point.

The ENGAGE platform connects separate applications and database repositories while enabling secure publishing channels both internal and external to the organization. This Content Services approach to ECM enables a tailorable and affordable solution to transform the enterprise without having to replace applications and systems that are working well. This focused solution will generate increased sales and an improved customer and staff relationship.

Pulling it all Together with Veratics ENGAGE 

iim-ecm-content-servicesFrom our integration experience developing new targeted software solutions for the Department of Veterans Affairs and other large enterprises, we know that information sprawl, data disorganization, and information retrieval issues drain enterprise resources and reduce engagement among employees and customers. Information sprawl is often caused due to systems developed over time with no requirements to cross-integrate or intelligently organize the systems. The result is similar to a family moving into a new home where the garage is the repository of all things during the move. If the garage is never sorted or organized, then the ability to find and use items becomes difficult and laborious leading to fatigue and frustration. An unintended consequence of trying to solve data sprawl can lead to further data sprawl and costs associated with more disconnected applications. A well organized, easy-to-use system leads to engaged employees and customers.

The Veratics ENGAGE Content Services, Enterprise Management solutions are tailored, out of the box, to commercial and government organizations of all sizes.

Going Beyond ECM to Content Services –
Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

ENGAGE is the answer to data sprawl, increasing customer and employee engagement by providing a “System of Systems” content management platform that seamlessly links applications, data, social interaction, and processes in a way that is extensible, scalable, dynamic, and secure with minimal custom coding. Defining interdependencies, application and data redundancies, and the three roles of Content Creator, Configurator and Consumer can provide a solution that creates maximum engagement to everyone. ENGAGE provides an agnostic Content Services platform and advanced Application Programming Interface (API) enabling third-party application and multi-repository database integration, reducing inherent stove pipe information/data “silos”.internet-of-things

Our approach is non-invasive because the ENGAGE platform provides middleware capabilities to seamlessly integrate with existing CRM and ERP systems, providing the hub that connects all your data points and people together across all devices including mobile, embracing the modern Internet of Things (IoT) creating human value and smart applications at every step, supporting improved customer experiences.

The modern interface and advanced ENGAGE API engine enables us to support our customer’s and vendor’s systems, without having to “rip and replace” many of the existing systems, providing a Content Services approach that focuses on content within context, over a traditional ECM approach that tends to focus on storage and access concerns.