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Veratics Customer Experience (CX) ENGAGE  Platform

Companies and Governments are realizing the importance of increasing the digital Customer Experience (CX)Citizen Experience relationship. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or Citizen Relationship Management for governments, is gaining in popularity to reduce the friction and obstacles between the customer/citizen and the enterprise using integrated software that merges multiple communication and online portals into an easy to manage platform. The Veratics ENGAGE CX platform significantly improves the Customer’s Experience through an automated and intelligent omni-channel contact center system that provides seamless interactions between the customer/citizen and the enterprise. ENGAGE  CX builds an eco-system connecting the enterprise to the customers through integrated multiple channels (omni channel) including:


  1. Case “Ticket” Management System – Connects customer/citizen with the request that is auto-routed to best agent and subsequent agents for the fastest, most accurate case resolution. System provides insightful analytics and metrics to improve CX engagement success
  2. Integrated Contact and CRM Database – Provides customer/citizen contact information displayed when they text, call, providing agents at a fast glance history, common issues, calls, and mostly likely the reason for their call based on open case assignments
  3. Self-Service Portal – Enables customers and citizens to resolve most of their issues on their time, interacting through a common portal that is directly tied to the enterprise. The customer/citizen is able to generate a case assignment through an eloquent and easy to use form. Status of each case ticket is shared between enterprise employee and customer/citizen increasing transparency while reducing redundant communications
  4. Chat system – Provides an interface between self-service portal and live agents, reducing the resolution timeline thereby increasing the customer experience. Chatbots can be configured to help guide customers during off hours or create a ticket on behalf of the customer.
  5. Knowledgebase and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – with powerful Elastic Search, the customers are able to find relevant content quickly, helping to self-resolve common issues
  6. Social Engagement – ENGAGE  CX is integrated to the Enterprise’s social presence including Facebook, Twitter, , generating case “ticket” assignments when new threads are started, allowing agents to respond and track directly from the ENGAGE interface
  7. Cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) VOIP phone – Enables voice activated routing, uses contact information to determine if customer has special status for priority status.
    Voicemail-to-Text enables audio to text autogenerated case assignment for auto-routing and callback prioritization
  8. Survey Follow-ups provides a voice of the customer to provide quick and tailored responses to provide continuous process optimization. Cellphone Surveys are a great way to gain immediate feedback on how to improve the customer experience. Chat bots and AI Processing provide the latest in automated customer assistance during peak, off-hours, and as self-help.

Developing the Customer Experience Journey with Veratics ENGAGE CX

Customer Experience Relationship Management

The ENGAGE  CX platform places a focus on building an intuitive and automated self-service portal, as the majority of customers today prefer to interact through a self-service system where a ticket can be created, status can be received on open items, and knowledge base articles can be easily found. This online interface enables the enterprise to tailor responses out of the Adaptive Case Management (ACM) system that is delivered to the persons email, portal, as well as the ability to use automated call and text messaging. The integrated omni-channel keeps your customers in the know at every step, conveying that they matter and are important.

If during the self-service session the customer wants help, a chat is possible that connects directly to the department based on the context of the customer’s session. This increases the company or governments ability to resolve the question or request on the first attempt, thus reducing the cost of the transaction and increasing the customer’s satisfaction experience. During off-hours, a chat bot can be configured to help guide the customer. When the customer calls, intelligent identification can first recognize, for example, Ms. Doe and greet her, then ask if she is calling about the recent inquiry to change her water service. If she answers yes, she is smart-routed to the water department agent who can best resolve her inquiry, if she answers no then the IVR system takes her to the main menu for voice activated routing. The system is configured to resolve each inquiry the first time.

The adaptive case management, ticket system is the heart of the system ensuring every interaction is “statused” to closure. Each assignment is auto-prioritized and routed based on workflow rules. As the ticket is worked, the system auto-generates correspondence with the customer or citizen letting them know the issue is being resolved. These smart rules are easy to enable and update through the intuitive interface.

At Veratics, we can configure an end-to-end CX system that leverages your existing CRM platform or we can tailor one to your needs. We are ready to help you assess an easy path to streamline your operations and reduce your IT overhead while improving engagement for your customers and staff.


Relevant Customer Experience (CX) Terms and Concepts

Customer experience management (CEM or CXM) is the collection of processes a company uses to track, oversee and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the customer lifecycle. Customer Relationship Software, Customer Experience Software, How to Improve Customer Engagement, social engagement, digitally connecting customer to company, digital customer relationship.