A private, secure, cloud-based way to easily create and access information and dashboards. Perfect for anyone who needs to track health data. It is easy to tailor DetailedSelf™ to a particular disability. DetailedSelf™ helps enhance your intuition with simple and consistent observation and offers a variety of feature/payment combinations. It is easy to sign up and get started with DetailedSelf™.


We market DetailedSelf™ to consumers with certain disabilities, like diabetes, that benefit from tracking. Those consumers are driven to collect information daily. Every person is different so every person’s health logging requirements may be different. DetailedSelf™ will allow persons with disabilities to easily customize their information and securely share their health data to anyone they choose. From there we will move into medical practices as a channel and possibly expand into the fitness market.

NAICS and PSC Codes

541330 Engineering Services
541511 Custom computer-programming services
541512 Computer system design services
541519 Other computer related services
541611 General management consulting
541618 Other management consulting services
541690 Other scientific and technical services
AJ24 R&D, General scientific and technology
D308 IT and Telecom – Programming

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