A Message From Our Founder

It is important to me to be able to take the long view of things.  I remember my Dad telling me, “Son, sometimes you just have to do what is right no matter what it takes.”  That advice got me through the Marines and has stayed with me my whole life. I want to have a company that will not compromise on right and wrong. I want to be able to look every member of the Veratics team in the eyes knowing that we are doing the right thing and keeping our promises to our customers. I want to be able to have the option of forgoing short-term gain in favor of doing what is right in the long term.  That is what we have built at Veratics. 

– Tony Galluscio

Here’s what’s important to Veratics:

Predictable delivery of high quality Healthcare IT software solutions

We have experience with Agile methodologies and mission-critical full-stack, full-lifecycle software development where quality matters as a matter of life and death. At Veratics we put that experience to work for our federal and commercial customers.

A platform to participate in helping fellow Veterans

We want to help Veterans successfully transition from the military to civilian life and we want to raise money for and awareness of veterans causes. Whether veterans are coming to work for Veratics, just need help with their resume, or need networking opportunities, Veratics stands ready to help our nations Veterans. We have combat veterans writing software at Veratics.

Jobs on the Space Coast of Florida

The housing market hit a new low in 2012 just after the space shuttle program ended. Our economy on the Space Coast of Florida has had a difficult recovery. The Space Coast is our home and we intend to put as many quality, high-paying, stable jobs here as we can. Since Veratics started in 2013 we have added 40 jobs on the Space Coast and we are continuing to grow.

Tools to help manage chronic healthcare problems

As a company founded by a service-disabled veteran, we have a passion for personal health tracking. We are building a tool for chronic healthcare management called DetailedSelf™. We plan to release a version of this tool in 2017 to make it easier for veterans to communicate disability information to the VA. We also have a plan to release a generally available version of DetailedSelf™ that will make it easier for people to track and manage their chronic health problems.